Resellers, VARs, WISPs, Dealers

Resellers, VARs, WISPs, Dealers

We have had may inquiries from companies that would like to resell our products  and purchase WiFi Transmitters and Antennas at a discount.

Our Resellers, VARs, Dealers, etc. are arranged by minimum Order Purchase Amount and by CAWW approval of your status request.

The 3 levels of discount are:
Reseller Level 1 that requires a Minimum Order of $500
Reseller Level 2 that requires a Minimum Order of $1500
Reseller Level 3 that requires a Minimum Order of $2500

Once you have registered and requested a Reseller Level, we will review you request, and once approved, you will automatically see your discounted price on our website.

If you do not require any technical support and are familiar with programming wifi devices, then our new wholesale site may be just what you want. Those prices are discounted even further.
To qualify for the discounts, a valid Re-Sale Certificate is required. Please click on this link to contact us by email.
This discounted price does not include ongoing technical support for your customer, but does include basic training on the equipment for you or your staff and a 1 year factory warranty from the date you receive the product.
If you have any questions or need more information about our Reseller Program, please call our office at 561-245-7823.