Marina WiFi Installations

Marina WiFi Installations

A Marina WiFi Installation requires hours of on-site experience to really know what it takes to make

a successful deployment. Here, you will see some of our completed projects. Let our knowledge work for you.

Here are a few large and heavily populated marinas that came to CA World WiFi for site design, product recommendations and equipment in order to provide complete wifi coverage, the highest throughput speed and excellent end user experiences.

Marina in Texas with almost 1/2 mile of bulkhead and more than 600 slips.

This premier marina requested that:

  1. the wifi deployment needed to provide the highest amount of bandwidth and strongest signal to every boat, regardless of distance to the nearest access point.
  2. the end user must be managed by the network so that available bandwidth from the ISP is distributed fairly.
  3. users must be able to  roam the marina seamlessly without having to re-associate to another access point when they moved.
  4. the network for guests and boaters must be secured so that each user is protected against unwanted device access.
  5. the facility must be protected from intrusion by outside sources.

CA World WiFi met all of these requirements using State-Of-The-Art, Dual Frequency transmitters with 802.11ac capability and the highest number of concurrent devices per access point in order to reduce CAPEX.

We are to assist the marina with the proper layout and position of equipment by creating a "Virtual Site Survey", as we do with all of our clients, so the marina could see what the proposed solution would look like -

Marina in Washington State owned by a local municipality- with 600 slips and seaplane dockage

CA World WiFi was contacted by this municipality to propose a wifi solution that would cover the entire marina and recommend equipment that can withstand the rigors of a marina facility's weather.

We proposed an integrated solution that included:

  1. fiber optic cable installation
  2. a series of High Power, Dual Band wifi transmitters
  3. access points with multiple spatial stream antennas
  4. wifi bridge units to save on cabling costs
  5. full management capability by both operator and end user controls

As always, our "virtual Site Survey" and proposed layout instilled the confidence in the customer that CA World WiFi has the expertise and knowledge to solve this need.

If you would like to find out what CA World WiFi can do for your facility, we welcome your interest.

Please call us at 561-245-7823 to speak with our marina specialists for the most complete solution and highest level of expertise available.