About Us

About Us

CA World WiFi provides a complete solution and selection of outstanding WiFi Equipment. Our technical support, pre-deployment site analysis and knowledge of the requirement for a successful WiFi installation can be confirmed by our customer testimonials.

Here are some things that are important to understand so that you become more familiar with wifi - 

  • WiFi Transceivers (transmitter and receiver) are often referred to as Antenna, Radio, Transmitter, WIFI Access Point, WiFi Repeater and many other names. They all mean the same thing - WiFi Connection.


  • We provide WiFi Access Points built for Outdoor use at the factory level, not a residential indoor unit put in a weatherproof box. With transmission power ranging from 100  mW up to 1 Watt, we can cover most projects with a wifi signal without any problems. Our technical support is readily available and we can solve most of the issues you  encounter.


  • CA World WiFi offers   the highest quality, most reliable, lowest maintenance outdoor, long range wifi amplifiers, wifi transmitters, boosters, access points, repeaters, bridges, client devices and wifi antennas available. Our products will extend your wifi range and coverage to exactly where you need the wifi signal to go.